Thank you for the experience, NZ

So, my solo backpack working holiday trip has ended. It was an awesome unforgettable experience, making lots of friends with people from different countries, learning cultures from them and etc. I really love the life I was living where all you asked for is a shelter, food, short term jobs to earn money to keep yourself moving and go to wherever you want anytime.

I thought my English would improve but I ended up teaching others English because most of them can’t really speak well except for the Kiwis, Americans, Germans, Malaysians, French, UK and Scots. Til the day I leave, I did not meet any Singaporeans. I only heard of just a few from my friends.

Of course, there were difficult times too. Afterall, I was surviving on my own. I tried to earn as much as possible in a short period of time. It was tough but glad that I had friends working with me. We encouraged one another to work everyday. Most of the time I’m the one encouraging. The first thing I would say everytime when I wake up was: 2 more days to off day!/last day to off day! I dislike the job. No doubt it’s easy, but I prefer a job where I can use my brain.
I’m quite lucky actually, as in, I can just quit whenever I felt that I had enough but my poor friend Nga, has to continue no matter how unwilling she is. She told me that the amount of money she earned 3 days here, equals to the amount of money she earn for a month in her country. Hence, she has to keep working to earn and send the money back to her family.

As the meat is expensive, I hardly buy them. I remember not taking any meat for 3 months and when I finally had a few small pieces of chicken, I had a stomachache. haha.  I do have money but I was trying to save as much as possible for my USA trip and to bring some money back to Singapore. I was earning about $600-800 each week (weekly paid). Sometimes people would ask me ‘Aren’t you sick of eating the same thing all the time?’ and I would always say ‘Well, nope, as long as it keeps me alive.’ Anyway, I get to eat free kiwifruits everyday. I could get as many as I want everyday. According to online, it is the healthiest fruit. So I was still healthy. =) I love kiwifruits now (gold one). I think I ate about more than 150 gold kiwikiwis in 2 months. I know which ones are bad and good, and which ones are definitely sweet, but the kiwis in Singapore are too expensive. $1/gold kiwi! CRAZY!


This is my favourite photo. We were having a farewell party for Fernanda and started dancing to the music. Then the ladies decided to go to the club and I joined for Fernanda’s sake. yea, it was my first time going to a club! I did not even visit the clubs in Singapore before. It was a great night, wearing the red dress I bought in Auckland and my long boots, and a big thanks to Fernanda, Juliana and Celine for protecting me from this kiwi guy who kept clinging to me and following me from club to club, explaining that he wanted to spend time with me. I was whispering in Fernanda’s ear, ‘Save me….’ and she took action immediately. haha.

I still can’t believe I am back in Singapore whenever I think about it. I remember the first time I thought about the next day morning after returning was ‘Oh, the spinach here is cheap. I should get some later.’ HAHAHA. So used to checking out all the food prices, managing my money and cooking my own meals. I stopped myself of course. I wanna relax and eat some local food that I missed first before cooking again. And when I went to the market, I thought I was in China. I wasnt used to seeing so many Chinese. Somehow I got really used to the life in NZ. I even felt like going back to NZ when I was in Hawaii due to the amount of people on the street and the culture.

I really miss my friends ALOT! I miss Nga, she was the one I turn to everytime.
I miss the funny conversations with Nga, Fernanda and Juliana about the ‘legendary hostel’. hahaha.
I did hitchhiking in NZ and couchsurfing in Hawaii.
I miss eating as much gold kiwifruits as I want everyday for free.
I took alot of photos of the supermarket and bought the biscuits, tidbits and spread I usually eat before I leave. Good thing I bought them back because I could find none of the items that day when I went to the cold storage and fairprice.
I’m used to packing lunch for work now. Hah.
I miss the friendly people there.
I miss saying thank you to the bus drivers, or waiter/waitress before I leave the restaurants.
I miss saying good morning and goodnight to almost everyone I see.
Can’t wait to see all my foreign friends when they visit Singapore. They were so upset when I told them that I’m back in Singapore already. Most of them were trying to arrange a meetup before I return. =(

I’m quite used to short hair now and I like it now. =) I don’t use much shampoo and need conditioner anymore. My hair drys faster and I dont have to care much about it. The current length now is the best as it doesn’t stand up when I wake up. But it’s boring. I can’t do much with my hair…



Well, I think it’s good to be back. I’m really happy to see my Mum too. She was already asleep by the time I got home and I woke her up to surprise her (she didn’t know I was coming back. I only told 9 people).
Me: Mummy, I’m back.
Mum: You are back?
Me: *tears started to roll down* Yea, I’m back.
Mum: Am I dreaming?! *rubbing her eyes*
Me: *burst into tears* No, I’m really back!
*grabbing onto each other* I wanted to hug her but she was lying down so it’s kinda difficult. haha.

I’m happy to share the facts of my country to others too. Some interesting question I received:
How do you say ‘Hello’ in Singapore?
Winnie is not your real name, isnt it? (White people thought there is no English name for all Chinese people)
Why do most Asians look so skinny? Are they malnutrition?
What do Asians do to make themselves look so young?
How many cities are there in Singapore?

THANK YOU NZ for everything, really.
I feel…….’simpler’ now.



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