It’s always good to be home.

I do miss Singapore alot, even though I always say I .miss my backpacking and new zealand life.
There were about 4 times I almost book my flight back to Singapore. The first two times, I was looking at the next day’s flight. As I got used to going anywhere and anytime I want to at the later part, I started to look at the next available flight, planning to buy the ticket, pack my bag immediately after that and leave straight. Packing my bag was easy because I didn’t have much stuff compared to others.


I remember tearing the moment the aircraft landed in Singapore, when the pilot said ‘For people from Singapore, welcome home’, and I said ‘Thank you. Finally I’m home’. And  the Australian girl sitting beside me, who became friends with me during the flight, gave me the whole pack of tissue. hahah.

We were talking non-stop for about 6-7 hours on the flight! I was actually planning to take a nap on that flight after sleeping just 2 hours at the Honolulu airport, a less an hour nap from Honolulu to Auckland and 3 hours at the Auckland airport for about 2.5 days, plus the jet lag. But never mind, a new lovely Australia friend. =)
I brought her to try Bak Kut Teh and even durian after that! heheh. It’s a good thing the dessert uncle told me not to order the durian dessert for her as he had seen alot of westerners unable to take the smell and taste, and indeed, she couldn’t take it.


So, meetup meetup!
Went for K, surprised SY, Adr and DS since they didnt know I’m back. XY and I planned to surprise them by entering the room late, but turned out, all of them were late and there was no space for me to hide in the room. ….
Anyhow, it was good. I miss listening and singing Mandarin songs. I was listening to reggae and spanish music most of the time. And some Adam Levine songs because my Argentina friends love him. I listen to Mandarin songs only when Nga and I were in the room alone, and mostly Jay Chou’s songs because she loves him.

Reggae songs are good for chilling. Just close your eyes, relax and imagine you are on a beach with the music. Awesome.
Three little birds, No Woman No Cry and Buffalo Soldiers are my favourite.

Sometimes, it can make things happier:

but, not all pop to reggae version are nice.

The night we celebrated XY’s birthday before she leaves for her Korea trip.
Challenging darts! Loser to drink a glass of beer, but for me, eat the cake. I was still a good girl even after the trip. I still don’t really drink much, the only difference is that I like Jagger bomb too now. I did not try smoking at all, not even a puff, even though a few of them kept telling me to.

They kept burping after finishing two towers because of the gas and I kept burping too because I was so bloated. 


Great night, great company.

Oh, HS said that she can see/feel the difference in me. She said that the short-tempered part of me is gone. Yea, I got that from an unhealthy company. Removing this was one of my trip objectives and I’m glad I did it.




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