First Royal Caribbean Cruise!

So I finally went for my first royal caribbean cruise, a 5D4N cruise to Port Klang and Phuket and it’s free! Yea, thanks to Aunt Tin.

They have rock climbing at Deck 14 and mini ice rink (Studio B).



A small area where their auctions are held (top left)
Casino (top right)
The entrance floor of the casino (bottom left)
Lotus Lounge, where singing sessions are held (bottom right)


The 24 hour cafe providing free pizza, mini pastry, sandwiches and beverages. At the side they sell Ben and Jerry ice creams.wp-1482001095127.jpg

They have this board beside the lift on every level to show you the list of activities and the venues.wp-1482001090022.jpg

There are indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi and pools.


The performance in Studio B,



The best thing about the gym is that there are A LOT of treadmills! 2016-12-14-08-23-52-933.jpg

YY and his Mum.20161213_120430.jpg

As usual, Aunt Tin always takes care of us and so we have the priority to take the first ferry to Phuket.20161214_102729.jpg

It was a disappointment and it made me miss Virgo very much.
The crews are not really friendly, polite and patient. Not all, but maybe half.
Their Lido is small. The performing crews are not handsome/pretty/sexy, compared to Star Cruises.
Their activities are really limited. Performance last for 45mins only and only 1 kind of movie played everyday.
I’m alright with just Western food but the variety is way too little and it doesnt taste nice, not even the waffles, pancakes and scrambled eggs.
The TV programmes are damn terrible! Just a few channels and worse of all is that they have this movie channel which plays ONLY ‘Me Before You’. So the movie repeats again right after it ends. I tried not to watch it but still ended up watching about 7 times because there are no other shows to watch. Luckily Sam Claflin is really charming in that movie to make to watch so many times.
The casino has no guards so kids tend to go in and out sometimes, and this is bad for the them. So much smoke inside!
I dont like the Texas Holdem Poker’s rules there so I did not play.
Another thing I dislike is that mineral water bottles are not free! They only gave 2 free bottles to each room for the entire 5 days. Luckily we are under the VIPs so we can get free bottles from the VIP room.
Toilets are hard to find.
Can only sing during the singing session which is only 1 hour and we have to queue really early to sing.
Boring arcade.

Now for the good:
A little bigger room and washroom.
A little more spacious.
Have indoor jacuzzi and pools.
Have lots of treadmills.
Yea, that’s all.

This is only for this ship, not sure about other ships. YY said that there is another ship they took at Korea or Hong Kong, has better food.
Hopefully, I will get to experience other ships next time. =)


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