Thankful for all the ups and downs in 2017 that made me stronger. Sometimes whenever I think back, everything seemed to be planned and I’m really grateful for all. And now, I’m in Australia!

I met someone familiar on my very first day in Australia while walking on the street. He was in the shop browsing the jackets and I was browsing through the jacket from outside! He was the only customer inside so it wasnt hard to notice him. I wasnt sure it was him and just entered to take a closer look. Hahaha.

Not much scenery as compared to New Zealand. I miss NZ and I’m planning to fly over to finish my scenery list probably between June and August. Hehe

My favourite spot for now.

I celebrated my birthday here with my lovely friends.

Started my 2018 well. I got into what I wanted, not totally but well, it’s a good start.

I’m enjoying what I have and what I’m going through now getting to learn Reggaeton, Salsa and Bachata; continue making friends with people all over the world, or even life-long friends; and see the world. I’m even planning to fly over to Europe probably end of this year to see my friends (because they wants to see me too and keep asking me when am I going over, hehe), but well, backpackers’ plans change most of the time. We shall see. =)




Counting down

It has been a great 1-year since the day I returned from New Zealand, still traveling around, meeting up with friends, recalling the bus routes and places I used to hang out, talking rubbish stuff to my Mum and bringing some of my overseas friends around.

Some of the photos, not in timeline (it’s obvious if you notice the change of my hair)


Eggleton’s birthday.


Nga’s visit to Singapore. I’ll be seeing her again soon in Australia.


Catch-up with my ex-colleagues.


I love to catch sunrises from the sea.


Batch meetup. I was really burnt after my Bali trip. HAHAH


This was what I did in Bali. ❤ I got burnt playing for a few days without my sunblock.


The Hong Kong trip with the ladies! Our main purpose was there was to board the Genting Dream Cruises, a new ship from Star Cruises.


With my girlfriends.


Trip to Taichung, Nantou, Hualian, Taipei with Liru!


Chinese New Year with my cousins!


My birthday trip to Vietnam because I miss my girl, Nga. Unexpectedly, I ended up in a room where I was the only girl. I did check with the receptionist on the guests in the room but she didnt know the gender of the guests either. Well, the guys are really nice. We even went out to chill on the some of us’s last night. Two girls came immediately after some of us checked out.


I love exploring places!


My virgin trip to Bali was with my buddies! The awesome 3 who are totally different in every ways but still ends up happy. HAHAHA
Xav- wants only 5 class hotel, sleeps early, wakes up early, not adventurous.
ST- prefers a not too ex/cheap hotel, sleeps late, wakes up late, kind of adventurous.
Me- prefers budget clean hostel with good reviews, sleeps late, wakes up early (event earlier than Xav, to catch the sunrise), adventurous.


Daryan’s visit to Singapore!


Desheng’s new born baby, Scarlette<3


Fernanda’s visit to Singapore



Virgin trip to Bintan! Archery, Soft-gun shooting, Riffle shooting, ATV and Jetski are awesome!

Counting down to the day I’ll be off for my life again.
I’ll definitely miss Mum, my friends and Mr.A. It’s nearer this time so I may be back once in a while. =)

First Royal Caribbean Cruise!

So I finally went for my first royal caribbean cruise, a 5D4N cruise to Port Klang and Phuket and it’s free! Yea, thanks to Aunt Tin.

They have rock climbing at Deck 14 and mini ice rink (Studio B).



A small area where their auctions are held (top left)
Casino (top right)
The entrance floor of the casino (bottom left)
Lotus Lounge, where singing sessions are held (bottom right)


The 24 hour cafe providing free pizza, mini pastry, sandwiches and beverages. At the side they sell Ben and Jerry ice creams.wp-1482001095127.jpg

They have this board beside the lift on every level to show you the list of activities and the venues.wp-1482001090022.jpg

There are indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi and pools.


The performance in Studio B,



The best thing about the gym is that there are A LOT of treadmills! 2016-12-14-08-23-52-933.jpg

YY and his Mum.20161213_120430.jpg

As usual, Aunt Tin always takes care of us and so we have the priority to take the first ferry to Phuket.20161214_102729.jpg

It was a disappointment and it made me miss Virgo very much.
The crews are not really friendly, polite and patient. Not all, but maybe half.
Their Lido is small. The performing crews are not handsome/pretty/sexy, compared to Star Cruises.
Their activities are really limited. Performance last for 45mins only and only 1 kind of movie played everyday.
I’m alright with just Western food but the variety is way too little and it doesnt taste nice, not even the waffles, pancakes and scrambled eggs.
The TV programmes are damn terrible! Just a few channels and worse of all is that they have this movie channel which plays ONLY ‘Me Before You’. So the movie repeats again right after it ends. I tried not to watch it but still ended up watching about 7 times because there are no other shows to watch. Luckily Sam Claflin is really charming in that movie to make to watch so many times.
The casino has no guards so kids tend to go in and out sometimes, and this is bad for the them. So much smoke inside!
I dont like the Texas Holdem Poker’s rules there so I did not play.
Another thing I dislike is that mineral water bottles are not free! They only gave 2 free bottles to each room for the entire 5 days. Luckily we are under the VIPs so we can get free bottles from the VIP room.
Toilets are hard to find.
Can only sing during the singing session which is only 1 hour and we have to queue really early to sing.
Boring arcade.

Now for the good:
A little bigger room and washroom.
A little more spacious.
Have indoor jacuzzi and pools.
Have lots of treadmills.
Yea, that’s all.

This is only for this ship, not sure about other ships. YY said that there is another ship they took at Korea or Hong Kong, has better food.
Hopefully, I will get to experience other ships next time. =)

Grow Sideburns, Grow

5 months ago, I let the hairdresser do whatever he wants to my hair.
I became just like a boy with high slope at the back and short sideburns.


After about 1 month, it still did not grow any longer.


After another about 1.5month, still short.


2 months ago,


and now! Finally I can put it behind my ears and able to clip it! Still unable to tie the hair at the back. But at least I feel more like a girl now. Haha.I think it will take another 6 months before I can tie them up…


Next, I wanna do this! That length with my fringe having the same length as the rest. As for the colour, I’ll choose again when the time comes. =)




Found this photo taken when I was still working in the apple packhouse, when I realise how thin I became after just almost 2 weeks of work. I rarely have the chance to look into the long mirror and it was dark in the room everytime when I wake up and when I go to sleep so I didnt know how my body was like for that period. I lost about 2 to 3 kg and my clothes became a little loose.

I gained back my weight about 1 month after the apple packing season ended. haha.

Aww, finally she got married! Yea I am so outdated. I knew about it only after returning back to Singapore. Went to read about their love stories, and awww finally they are together after so many bad timings during the past 20 years. 

I was like ‘Why not Eddie?!’ when I saw the news haha. 他们开心就好。 =) Stay happy forever!

It’s always good to be home.

I do miss Singapore alot, even though I always say I .miss my backpacking and new zealand life.
There were about 4 times I almost book my flight back to Singapore. The first two times, I was looking at the next day’s flight. As I got used to going anywhere and anytime I want to at the later part, I started to look at the next available flight, planning to buy the ticket, pack my bag immediately after that and leave straight. Packing my bag was easy because I didn’t have much stuff compared to others.


I remember tearing the moment the aircraft landed in Singapore, when the pilot said ‘For people from Singapore, welcome home’, and I said ‘Thank you. Finally I’m home’. And  the Australian girl sitting beside me, who became friends with me during the flight, gave me the whole pack of tissue. hahah.

We were talking non-stop for about 6-7 hours on the flight! I was actually planning to take a nap on that flight after sleeping just 2 hours at the Honolulu airport, a less an hour nap from Honolulu to Auckland and 3 hours at the Auckland airport for about 2.5 days, plus the jet lag. But never mind, a new lovely Australia friend. =)
I brought her to try Bak Kut Teh and even durian after that! heheh. It’s a good thing the dessert uncle told me not to order the durian dessert for her as he had seen alot of westerners unable to take the smell and taste, and indeed, she couldn’t take it.


So, meetup meetup!
Went for K, surprised SY, Adr and DS since they didnt know I’m back. XY and I planned to surprise them by entering the room late, but turned out, all of them were late and there was no space for me to hide in the room. ….
Anyhow, it was good. I miss listening and singing Mandarin songs. I was listening to reggae and spanish music most of the time. And some Adam Levine songs because my Argentina friends love him. I listen to Mandarin songs only when Nga and I were in the room alone, and mostly Jay Chou’s songs because she loves him.

Reggae songs are good for chilling. Just close your eyes, relax and imagine you are on a beach with the music. Awesome.
Three little birds, No Woman No Cry and Buffalo Soldiers are my favourite.

Sometimes, it can make things happier:

but, not all pop to reggae version are nice.

The night we celebrated XY’s birthday before she leaves for her Korea trip.
Challenging darts! Loser to drink a glass of beer, but for me, eat the cake. I was still a good girl even after the trip. I still don’t really drink much, the only difference is that I like Jagger bomb too now. I did not try smoking at all, not even a puff, even though a few of them kept telling me to.

They kept burping after finishing two towers because of the gas and I kept burping too because I was so bloated. 


Great night, great company.

Oh, HS said that she can see/feel the difference in me. She said that the short-tempered part of me is gone. Yea, I got that from an unhealthy company. Removing this was one of my trip objectives and I’m glad I did it.